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It’s very simple. To play the free Emoji Lottery, you simply choose five emojis from the list on the site. Five emojis are drawn at 9pm daily and your sequence must match the draw. Winners have until 20:59 the following day tosuper lotto draw claim their prize, otherwise it rolls over to the next draw. To win the big prize, you must match all five emojis. However, the draw doubles up as a raffle so somebody will win something every day. Multiple winners, like major lotteries, will see prizes divided between them.

Former cricketer Habazan Singh tweeted a photo of the Dharandal Mountains (part of the secondary mountains of the Himalayas) taken from the roof of Jalandhar. He said: "I have never seen the Dharandal Mountains on the roof of my house...I never thought that this might happen, (this photo) clearly illustrates the impact of our pollution on Mother Earth."

Part of the American government’s duty of care to wildlife is to protect the country’s wild horses. There are thousands of the creatures across the midwestern states and others, with a large percentage in South Dakota. Now, as part of a breeding and conservation programme, a Powerball winner’s land hosts wild horses too. The Bureau of Land Management negotiated with the reclusive Powerball winner to accept over 900 animals. In a big unveiling, the Bureau of Land Management highlighted details of the 50sq miles on which the protected animals will now live.

Between Sunday and Wednesday, players bought more than $17.7 million. On Sunday to Wednesday nights, players bought more than $17.8 million. Players bought gadgets worth more than $17.9 million.

The woman who bought the real estate lottery ticket received the winning email on the day her father died

The large jackpot would have been a life-changing sum of money for a single winner and may have led to early retirement. However, it went to 51 nursing home employees who each shared a small cut of the prize. That’s not to say tsuper lotto drawhat the win is unwelcome, however. Already, many of the winners have said that they will pay off their mortgage, take a holiday or simply invest it. Not every winner expected to win an enormous sum of money. Consequently, with any lottery win there are far more smaller prizes than big winners. The contact at the facility said that everyone was pleased about the sum, and had explained that it would help them out in some way.

Covid-19: India crosses 1 crore vaccination milestone

Imagine the excitement of your lottery numbers coming up. Imagine thinking you had won over £30m? You would be excited and looking forward to the day you have that money in your account and don’t have to go to work any more. You will have already written out your resignation letter, planned holidays and thought about what you were going to do with the money – how much to friends and family, how much for a nest egg and the house you will buy. Now imagine that excitement turns to heartbreak when the lottery organiser tells you there is no record of the payment.

For example, R-NewHanover. It hits with four colorful balls and a powerful cue from Terryland, NSW, India. This may be a good decision, because the expected failure to cash out lasted for three months.

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